Nail your messaging and watch your biz grow

Get clear on how to articulate your product's value proposition, own your differentiation and drive brand growth with a comprehensive messaging playbook.

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“Diane helped us distil complex product problems and use cases into a set of clear, well-articulated key messages. It was exactly what we needed to get our new site up!”

Barney Cox

Marketing Lead @ Dash

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Sure, you’ve got product market-fit,
but have you got message-market fit?

Having an awesome product isn’t enough anymore. The days of “build it and they’ll come” are long gone, and the success of your product now hinges on your messaging. With 700 competitors (give or take) fighting for your prospects’ attention — all offering similar features — It's the companies with the strongest message that come out on top.

Messaging that makes it easy for prospects
to choose you

Your prospect isn’t looking for an “innovative solution” — in fact, they’re glazing over all the buzzwords. That’s why our messaging approach is customer-led, helping you bridge the gap between what you think they wanna hear, and what they actually wanna hear. So you can tell a story that resonates and position your product as the ideal choice.

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Get the clarity you need to stand out

It’s hard to see the label when you’re stuck inside the jar. It’s the curse of being too close to your product. We help you simplify complex product messaging (and just get out of your damn head!) so you can explain your value clearly — and differentiate from competitors.

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Go from founder funk to crystal clarity
(in weeks - not months)

Working closely with your team over 6 weeks, I’ll help create, refine and map out your new messaging framework. You’ll walk away with a clear guide of how to approach all your brand messaging and marketing materials – from pitch decks to website and product copy.


Which features and benefits are most important to our customers?

Which fears and hesitations do we need to overcome in our messaging?

How does our messaging stack up against the competition?

What opportunities are there for us to differentiate ourselves?

What messages should we avoid?

How can we talk about our product in a way our customers understand?

Which messages will help attract better-fit prospects and drive conversions?

How do we get our team aligned on a consistent and powerful story?

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Brand Messaging Playbook

Your playbook is tailored to your company needs, but always covers the 4 key areas of brand messaging: why we exist, who we are, what we say and do, and how we sound.

Here's what you can expect:

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Your strategic narrative

tell your company story in a way that resonates with your market.

Your onlyness

define your core differentiation and unique positioning in the market.

Core value propositions

explain the value you bring your customers across the business, product and features

Voice of customer analysis

understand your target audience’s needs, pains and desires, backed up with proof points

Brand voice guidelines

know how to communicate your message through language, tone and voice.

Core messaging pillars

get a blueprint of core concepts to own in your customers’ minds

Value messaging matrix

outline the transformation you offer customers through clear features and corresponding benefits

+ More recommendations

get on-brand messaging guidance and copy snippets to use across your marketing

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“We’re able to better communicate how we solve our customers’ problems and alleviate their concerns”
Most of our brand identity and values existed primarily in the minds of the Founder and myself. We needed support to extract and distil this information into clear messaging. Lion Words uncovered assumptions we were making about our customers, and helped us better communicate our solution to their problems. Their work has already proven useful in conversations with clients and prospects.

Dami Fajobi

Head of Operations @ Slenky

If you’re tired of swimming in the sea of sameness…

Level up your messaging and play in the big leagues

Every B2B & SaaS company who wants to attract and convert more perfect-fit customers, can benefit from messaging strategy – It’s the foundation for all your marketing efforts, at every stage of growth.

But we’ll work best together if:

You’ve already established clear product-market fit

You have a solid idea of who your target customers are

You want to be challenged, not mollycoddled, and can handle critical feedback

The Founder or CEO will be actively involved in the project (no exceptions)

Ready to clarify your messaging and grow your B2B Brand?