Trust the process

Creating copy without a messaging strategy is like painting by numbers — without the numbers. Reaaallly hard. And kinda stupid.

Instead, we'll follow our proven 4-step framework. Giving you a solid foundation to get more from your marketing.

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Uncover persuasive messages that resonate and ROAR



First, I get to know you. We evaluate your entire business ecosystem in two thorough brand discovery sessions. Studying your customer journey, challenges and goals. Then we’ll perform voice of customer research (my not-so-secret weapon) to get inside your customers’ minds and uncover magnetic messages that resonate.



Next up I synthesise and look for opportunities. None of this "when they zig we zag" nonsense. I’ll create an informed message hierarchy based on priorities and patterns. Using insights into your customers’ awareness, pain points and desires, we develop a strategy to help you stand out from the crowd.



Let the games begin! Time to put the pieces of your puzzle together. We’ll create your brand messaging playbook. A single source of truth to help you articulate your value and attract your ideal customers. you’ll get a blueprint for brand & product messaging that hits home with your prospects and aligns with your goals.



It’s not over yet. Lastly, we can help you review and test your messaging. Validation helps us see where to optimize and refine to ensure you’re getting the biggest ROI. This is the part where I listen, learn and optimize the messaging.

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We got a lot more than expected working with Lion Words
"Going through the consultation and discovery process helped us understand more about who we are as a company.We could just babble, and Diane extracted what she needed to help us create crisp, attention-grabbing messaging”

Justin Gardner

Co-Founder @ New Work Media

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You don’t need to figure it out alone
“Sometimes we don’t know exactly what we need from a messaging expert. Lion Words has a very solid process that can help you actually figure that out.

They’re super responsive and the quality of work is top notch. (Plus as a human connection, Diane is lovely, friendly and fun to work with!) In the end, we received a great final product that I was proud of!”

Juliana Jackson

Marketing @ CXL

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