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Helping B2B and SaaS companies get the clarity they need to connect with customers, grow their business and stand out from the competition. No-nonsense. No jargon. And definitely no fluff.

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Get your words working harder

Most teams know their messaging isn’t hitting the spot. But they’re not quite sure how to fix it. Which benefits should you focus on? How can you explain what you do simply? We get it. When you’re inside the jar, it’s kinda hard to see the label.

Lion Words was founded to help you overcome these challenges. And support you in creating brand and product messaging that connects, persuades, and delivers results.

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Not a run-of-the-mill branding agency

Not a data-hungry optimizer

Not a wordsmith or pen-for-hire

With Lion Words you get a triple threat attack to support your brand, messaging and growth efforts.

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Lion Words will understand your business challenges
“Lion Words has the ability to quickly and accurately understand a business to produce a high-standard messaging strategy and compelling copy that’s both evidence-based and creative.  Diane was personable, knew her stuff, and held our hand at every step."

Faye Thomassen

Head of Marketing @ Mediahawk

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Meet the lead lioness

Lion Words is run by me, Diane Wiredu. Messaging strategist, conversion copywriter, and recovering translator.

With over a decade working in localization and global comms, I discovered that nailing your messaging is the fast-track path to huge business growth.

Now I’m on a mission to help SaaS and tech businesses find their voice, get clarity in their messaging and make a meaningful impact — without a buzzword in sight.

Because the power of words drives me... and bad copy drives me nuts!

When I’m not lifting weights or drinking wine — (un)fortunately not at the same time — you’ll find me blending the art of storytelling with research and conversion-focused strategies to help my clients stand out from the crowd.


Our superpowers

We go deeper

Great messaging is 90% research, 10% writing. We get to know your market, product and brand inside-out. Understanding your mission and importantly — your customer.

We get it

Want rock-solid processes without all the BS of working with an agency? Here we keep things boutique, so you'll always get to work 1:1 with Diane, skipping out the middle man.

We’ve done it

With hundreds of projects completed for over 73 satisfied clients—and counting, we know what high-converting copy looks like and we make sure you get the results you need.

It’s about you

Your success is our success — cheesy but true. Having experts on side who are invested in your growth goals gives you a competitive edge against the rest.

Hit your growth goals...

Attract new customers, gain readers and generate more leads

Build brand loyalty and keep existing customers coming back

Increase sales and drive engagement with your copy

Protect your reputation and build trust with on-brand messaging

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With an obsessed partner who lives and breathes this stuff...

While we don't take ourselves too seriously at Lion Words, your growth is serious business. That's why we’re constantly learning and perfecting our craft to make sure you get stonking results. And you’ll find Diane teaching what she knows on stages all over the world.

Our give-a-damn guarantee

Things you can count on when you work with Lion Words


One size does not fit all. Every engagement is tailored to you and your business.

Radical honesty

Because you hire us to get unstuck, not to tell you nice things.

Fixed project pricing

No hourly rates. You always know where you stand.

More than a client

This is a partnership. And you get a brand ambassador for life.

Guru-free zone

Expert, yes. Know-it-all, no. We prefer data, processes, and a lot of listening.

Give it everything

One of our brand values. We obsess over quality and delivering results.


"We needed to rebrand our SaaS product… the right way. After partnering with Lion Words we now have consistency in our messaging. The product has a clear personality. And our dollar stretches further when hiring copywriters."
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Martin Wilson

CEO @ Dash


"They bring a clarity of thought when processing a strategy that has clearly been developed and activated over a number years. I loved the genuine energy Diane injects into her work."

Cec Richards

CEO @ Slenky


"Lion Words is a breath of fresh air in the world of SaaS. They dig deep into your customers and do what it takes to get the job done. It was refreshing to go through the process and see how masterful marketing can really up-level a business."

Grace Baldwin

Founder @ Rhubarb Copy

Ready to clarify your messaging and grow your B2B Brand?

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